Our History

PDX PI, LLC – Portland Private Investigators is an Oregon State Licensed Professional Private Investigation agency. Tom Turner, the owner of PDX PI, LLC is a dedicated investigator with over 30 years combined private investigation and law enforcement experience.

PDX PI, LLC is a private Detective Agency with a track record of delivering first-class professional investigative results throughout Oregon and Nationwide.

Our Staff


Tom Turner, is a veteran private investigator with over thirty years investigative experience, licensed in Oregon and California. He is an investigator, author, Instructor and lecturer. He has trained thousands across the United States through criminal justice programs, corporate programs, educational institutions and professional associations on investigative research, principals, ethics and techniques. During his many years as an investigator, he has worked in law enforcement, corporate and SIU investigations. He has investigated major fraud cases across the country and has successfully brought cases to prosecution and conviction with local and federal prosecutors nationwide.


Oregon License PI-ID 56905 – California License PI 7686


Beth Windsor is a licensed Private Investigator with over twenty years of investigative experience in both criminal justice and the private sectors. Beth’s skills began in law enforcement as a criminal investigator. Her expertise is not only in investigative research, but interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects. She has successfully brought hundreds of cases to prosecution and conviction.

As an Investigator, Beth conducts background research for our clients as well as our political investigation and opposition research division. Her expert analysis has been used by many police agencies, the Department of Justice and the FBI.


Oregon License PI-ID 60634


Susan Newton (1947 – 2016) was one of the founders of PDX PI, LLC. Her energy and knowledge helped us become the agency we are today. We mourn her passing, but know that her spirit continues with us and guides us.

Susan was an exceptional investigator, but more importantly, she was a decent, kind, generous and honorable person. We will miss her deeply.



Oregon License PI-ID 33707