Private Investigator Services

PDX PI, LLC provides private investigator and private detective services throughout Oregon and nationwide. Investigations are conducted by professional, licensed private investigators and research analysts that are experienced in getting the answers or information you need.We offer a FREE discreet telephone consultations. We can answer most questions you may have about hiring a private investigator. Please call us toll free at (800) 700-1102 to speak with one of our investigators.

Background Investigations

  • Relocation Investigations
  • Public and Court Record Research
  • Day Care Providers
  • Fiancée/Boyfriend/Girlfriend Domestic Research
  • Missing Persons Search
  • Witness Locations
  • Criminal Record Searches
  • Child and Elder Care Providers

Locate Investigations

  • Relocation Investigations
  • Locate individuals to have court papers served
  • Skip Tracing
  • Missing Persons Search
  • Witness Locations

Domestic/Family Investigations

  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Pre-Marriage Background Research
  • Children, Teen and Young Adult Issues
  • Missing Family Member Search
  • Heir Locations
  • Surveillance

Corporate Investigations

  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • CEO/Executive Officer Vetting
  • Company/Business Merger Research
  • Management and Executive Research
  • Employee Background Check
  • Employee Criminal Record Searches
  • Corporate Asset Research (See Below)

Asset Investigations

    • Comprehensive Individual Asset Research
      • Real estate and deeds
      • Available mortgage information
      • Motor vehicle registration and liens
      • Watercraft registration and liens
      • Aircraft registration and liens
      • Judgments
      • Bankruptcies
      • Criminal Records
      • Uniform commercial code liens (UCC Filings)
      • Federal and state tax liens
      • A.K.A.s (also known as) or D.B.A.s (doing business as) of the individual
  • Comprehensive Corporate Asset Research
    • Investigative Due Dilligence
    • Real estate and deeds
    • Available mortgage information
    • Corporate Filings
    • Judgments
    • Bankruptcies
    • Federal and state tax liens
    • Corporate officers, members and other responsible associates
    • Dunn and Bradstreet records
  • Uniform commercial code liens (UCC Filings)
  • Current contact information (addresses and phone numbers)
  • Registration information for any associated motor vehicles

Social Media Investigations

  • Identify Friends, Family & Associates
  • Identify Activities
  • Places visited
  • Demographic Information
  • Online Footprints
  • Much More